Anomaly detection for Google Analytics

Google Analytics funnels on Steroids

Analyze conversion funnel drop off like you’ve never done before

Sophisticated, easy-to-use reports to find the root cause of funnel drop off

Create funnels you can’t make in Google Analytics

Be notified of (hidden) anomalies in your client funnels

Google Analytics Funnels

Visualize and analyze your funnel conversion

See how your conversion funnels are performing and find conversion leaks.

  • Drop off per funnel step

    Quickly find the biggest conversion leaks within the funnel of your client.

  • User segments causing high drop-offs

    Find out for each step which user segments have the highest drop-off and conversion rate.

Identify high and low converting segments within your funnel

Understand how your conversion rates vary by segment. Get insights you can’t get with Google Analytics.

  • Find high converting user segments

    See which segments are converting really well and contribute to the highest conversion rates. Many agencies use this to make bid adjustments.

  • Find low converting user segments

    Find the user segments which need extra attention and can be improved to improve your funnel conversion rates

  • Make bid adjustments for your ads

    Many agencies are using this for ad bid adjustments. Bid more for high converting user segments, lower your bids for low converting segments.

Create funnels you can’t make in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is great, but when it comes to funnels it’s not that great. With Convertmind you can create powerful funnels to generate deeper insights.

  • Combine page paths and custom events

    Create funnels based on page paths, custom events, or even combined!

  • Supporting historical data

    If you add a new funnel in Google Analytics you can’t see the historical data. With Convertmind you can!

Find hidden trends which normally stay below the surface COMING SOON

You likely know the saying averages lie. That’s true. Find out what’s going on under the hood and see which segments and funnel steps are underperforming.

  • Compare to historical data

    See how your funnel completion and drop-off progresses over time and compare to last year and the previous period.

  • See fluctuations over time, per segment & step

    Learn which steps and user segments are getting better and which are performing poorer.

Monitor your funnel performance COMING SOON

Get an alert when the performance of your funnel is getting worse. When your funnel drop-off increases or other anomalies occur you’ll get an instant alert.

  • Funnel anomaly detection
  • Get an alert when your funnel is underperforming
  • Anomaly alerts for poor converting segments

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