Don't know how to improve your conversion rate? Convertmind knows.

Our tool analyses all your Google Analytics and finds the biggest issues

Google Analytics has so much data. But where should you be looking? Google Analytics has the data, but won't give you the CRO insights in what's going wrong. It doesn't tell why your conversion rate sucks. We do.

The old way

Question Why did my conversion rate decrease?
Answer Perhaps in one of these 1000+ reports?

The new way

Question Why did my conversion rate decrease?
Answer Because people with an iPhone are not converting anymore since 72 hours ago.

The automated way to analyse your Google Analytics data


Find hidden conversion leaks in your funnel

Our algorithm analyses all your Google Analytics data and reveals the most important conversion issues on your website. Quickly find out how to improve your conversion rates.

  • Focus on issues, warnings or your excellences

    Easily spot your conversion bottlenecks with our red issues. Start improving your conversion rate and create an audit today.

  • See potential improvements

    Find out which Google Analytics segments have the highest potential to get more conversions and start earning more money.

  • Share results with your team

    Found improvements? Easily share pieces of your audit with your team, online marketeer or developer. Work together seamlessly.


Algorithms break down your Google Analytics data

We've put and end to hours and hours of analysing Google Analytics work. Convertmind is smarter, quicker and faster.

  • Fully automated breakdown of your data

    Why waste your time analysing Google Analytics if we can do it for you? Our audit reveals al the CRO bottlenecks in just a few minutes.

  • Over 1000+ conversion checks

    Convertmind checks everything. We leave nothing to chance. 1000+ conversion checks and counting. Adding more each day.

  • Supports goal converions and e-commerce

    Whether you track goal conversions, e-commerce transactions or both. Convertmind algorithms support them all.


Know when something breaks with instant alerts

Google Analytics is your lifeblood. If something breaks or when there's an abnormality you want to know it immediately. Don't find out 5 days later that ecommerce tracking stopped working.

  • 24/7 Google Analytics monitoring

    As fast as the Google Analytics API itself we'll let you know if there are any abnormalities in your accounts. 24/7.

  • Get an alert when something breaks

    Be the first to know. Ecommerce tracking broken or Google Ads sessions dropped and you're finding out a week later? With Convertmind that's a thing of the past.

  • Super easy to set up

    You can hardly call it a set up at all. Login with Google and connect your Google Analytics account. That's all.

How does it work?

  • 1
    Connect Google Analytics

    Connect and authorize your Google Analytics account with Convertmind.

  • 2
    Select goal(s)

    Select up to three exisiting goals you want to optimize. Or just select ecommerce.

  • 3
    Run audit or activate monitoring

    Perform the conversion audit, algorithms analyse your data.

  • 4
    Get insights and stay alert

    Get a report with all findings, fix them and increase conversions. Our alerts will let you know if something important changes.

Want more info? Feel free to request a demo with a CRO specialist.


Benefits for you

Agencies & freelancers

Stop lagging behind. Get in front of it and let us do all the work.

  • Save time on conducting conversion audits for your clients

  • Pro-active whitelabel reporting and advicing your clients

  • Monitoring of key performance indicators

Marketing managers

With Convertmind you will save money and time on Google Analytics and CRO audits.

  • Be able to perform conversion audits, which would normally cost $2000 by hiring a CRO specialist

  • In-dept conversion audits and insights with just one click

  • Only see the essential insights you need

Business owners

Convertmind is fast, user-friendly, insightful and it's audits are easy to share.

  • Save time and money on performing CRO / conversion rate optimization audits

  • Find bottlenecks quickly and receive alerts when there's something wrong

  • A helicopter view of the most important things to fix

“It's like the SEMrush for conversion rate optimization”
Sander, agency owner
“This tool automates my conversion rate audits”
Rick, CRO specialist
“Do you have Google Analytics? Run this tool!”
Bert, business owner

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