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Algorithms audit your Google Analytics for more conversions

Turn your Google Analytics data into insights. Our conversion focussed algorithms find hidden conversion leaks in your Google Analytics data.

Smart algorithms built for conversion optimization

Find hidden conversion leaks in Google Analytics data

Made by CRO-specialists

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Google Analytics doesn't tell why your conversion rate is low. This tool does.

  • Are you not happy with your conversion rate in Google Analytics?
  • Do you want more goal completions or e-commerce transactions?
  • Do you want to increase conversion rates - but don't know how?

You know the answer somewhere in the data. But where?

Google Analytics has so much data. Where should you be looking if you want to improve your conversion rates?

The problem with Google Analytics is that it has the data but won't give you the CRO insights into what's going wrong.

The old way

Question Why did my conversion rate decrease?
Answer Perhaps in one of these 1000+ reports?

The new way

Question Why did my conversion rate decrease?
Answer Because people with an iPhone are not converting anymore since 72 hours ago.

Use smart algorithms to analyze
your Google Analytics data


Choose a conversion goal you want to improve

Let our algorithm know which (existing) goal you want to optimize, and it will dig through your data to reveal conversion opportunities.

  • Select a Google Analytics goal or e-commerce

    Our algorithm works with all existing goals you've set up in Google Analytics, standard- and enhanced e-commerce tracking.

  • Select the date range you want to audit

    Want to analyze last week, month, quarter, or a custom date range? No problem! We even suggest a timeframe based on data validity.

  • Select a compare period

    Choose a compare period, the previous period, or the previous year.

Smart algorithms

Algorithms break down your Google Analytics data

We've put an end to hours and hours of analyzing Google Analytics work. Convertmind is smarter, quicker and faster.

  • Fully automated breakdown of your data

    Why waste your time analyzing Google Analytics if we can do it for you? Our audit reveals al the CRO bottlenecks in just a few minutes.

  • Over 1000+ conversion checks

    Convertmind checks everything. We leave nothing to chance. 1000+ conversion checks and counting. Adding more each day.

  • Get insights within minutes

    Whether you track goal conversions, e-commerce transactions, or both. Convertmind algorithms support them all.


See the most important findings in the summary

Find out which Google Analytics segments have the highest potential to get more conversions and start earning more money.

  • Improve your overall conversion score

    Quickly see how well your site performs by improving your site conversion score.

  • All recommendations are categorized

    All findings are categorized as issues, warnings or as excellent.

  • See how many potential conversions you can get

    We calculate how many extra conversions you can get when you solve the conversion issues


Get detailed recommendations

For each finding, we give recommendations on how to improve it.

  • View all audit sections

    Get insights into six different sections: Google Analytics health, general insights, device, browser & OS, landing pages, acquisition and site search.

  • Tips on how to solve each issue

    For each finding, we give tips how you can solve it. This way you know what and how to improve it.

  • Share results with your team

    Found improvements? Easily share pieces of your audit with your team, online marketeer or developer. Work together seamlessly.

How does it work?

  • 1
    Connect Google Analytics

    Connect and authorize your Google Analytics account with Convertmind.

  • 2
    Create a new audit

    Select a goal you want to improve, a timeframe and click start.

  • 3
    View results

    View all findings, issues and opportunities in the audit report, prioritized based on the highest impact.

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“It's like the SEMrush for conversion rate optimization”
Sander, agency owner
“This tool automates my conversion rate audits”
Aslan, marketeer
“Do you have Google Analytics? Run this tool!”
Derk, marketing manager
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  • Supporting Shopify
  • Supporting Hubspot
  • Supporting Clickfunnels
  • Supporting Wordpress

Google Analytics doesn't tell why your conversion rate sucks. We do.

Low conversion rate in Google Analytics? Don't know how to improve? Time to meet Convertmind: the tool that analyses your Google Analytics account and shows you exactly how to improve your conversion rates. For e-commerce and goal-based businesses.

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