Anomaly detection for Google Analytics

Google Analytics Alerts

Google Analytics is your lifeblood. When there's an anomaly or it breaks you want to know it immediately. Don't find out days later.

24/7 Google Analytics monitoring

Get an alert when something breaks

Super easy to set up

Google Analytics Alerts

Your Google Analytics is kept an eye on 24/7

Many users are on your site right now. Clicking, scrolling, buying.

You don't want your site or Google Analytics to break. And if it breaks, you don't want to find out days later.

Here's what our friends experienced:

  • After 42 hours Jennifer noticed that the checkout broke
  • After 39 hours Craig noticed that AdWords traffic stopped
  • After 18 hours Mary noticed that revenue decreased by 72%

How long does it take before you know something breaks?

Every minute your site has an issue or your tracking isn't (fully) working, costs you a lot.

Never miss a conversion decrease anymore, with 24/7 Google Analytics monitoring

We built an intelligent algorithm that tracks everything in your Google Analytics. When something is off, you get an instant alert.

Activating is super easy. Link your Google Analytics account and we'll start monitoring it.


Alerts driven by smart algorithms

We reinvented how Google Analytics custom alerts work. It's time to meet smarter, more accurate and easier Google Analytics alerts.

  • Save time, monitor by default

    You don't have to add custom alerts manually anymore. We'll monitor all important data points in your Google Analytics automatically.

  • Get instant alert via e-mail

    When something goes wrong you'll get an alert instantly.

  • Improved accuracy

    Alerts trigger more accurate with scalable boundaries and pattern detection.

Learn why

Likely causes of an issue

When an issue occurs, you want to know why it's happening. When your conversion rate went down by 40% you want to know: why did it happen? With segments this is possible.

  • Segments causing a change

    Our algorithm diggs into your data and looks for segments causing the issue.

  • Sorted on relevance

    See the segments that are the most important and most likely caused an issue.


Set alert sensitivity and significance

Choose how quickly and how accurate your alerts should be triggered. Stop getting irrelevant and unreliable alerts.

  • High sensitivity

    Fewer alerts, high significance level (95%)

  • Medium sensitivity

    More alerts, lower significance level (90%)

  • Low sensitivity

    Many alerts, lower significance level (68%)


Alert triggering incidents

Our self-learning algorithm monitors all datapoints in your Google Analytics account and can detect all major incidents.

  • Significant decreases
  • Significant increases
  • Seasonal pattern anomalies

Google Analytics custom alerts
vs. Convertmind alerts

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How does it work?

  • 1
    Connect Google Analytics

    Connect and authorize your Google Analytics account with Convertmind.

  • 2
    Choose sensitivity

    Select the significance rate you want to trigger an alert.

  • 3
    Activate alerts

    Our smart algorithms will monitor your Google Analytics daily.

  • 4
    Get an email alert when there's an anomaly

    When something happens, you'll get an instant alert

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